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Deo Nano FPGA Development Board meets the Olimex EMG/EKG Shield (Gareth aka Chiprobot)

This Project uses the Deo Nano FPGA Development Board and the Olimex EKG/EMG Shield to measure my Heart activity. Project Details Here :- http://myrobotlab.org/content/deonano-fpga-meets-gareths-kardio-rhythm Deo Nano :- http://canada.newark.com/terasic-technologies/p0082/cyclone-iv-ep4ce22f17c6n-fpga/dp/78T4479 Olimex EKG/EMG :- http://canada.newark.com/olimex/shield-ekg-emg/add-on-brd-ekg-func-avr-pic-arm/dp/27W5328?MER=PPSO_N_C_EverywhereElse_None Wiki Qoute :- “Electrocardiography (ECG or EKG[1] from Greek: kardia, meaning heart) is the recording of the electrical activity of the heart. Traditionally […]

Apple Airplay to XBMC Streaming using IOS Devices

Here I show streaming music and video using the Apple Airplay protocol and XBMC between IOS and OpenElec (XBMC) devices. Note: I didn’t show it in the video but pictures stream perfectly fine as well. source Update: 116 Kodi add-ons you’re probably watching which might break copyright laws http://www.wiltshiretimes.co.uk/news/15104082.116_Kodi_add_ons_you_re_probably_watching_which_may_breach_copyright_laws/ Precisely what is Kodi ,how do […]