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DIY PCB Milling Machine – Part 1 – Building Frame

A maker space is never complete without any fast method to prototype a Electronics project. And the longest process in it is to make the PCBs. Till now I have been using the Toner transfer method and Ferric Chloride. You can watch a video I made here. Etching method involves many steps. The printing, transfer, […]

High Temperature Etching Machine

Compact etching machine with integral rinse. Constructed from polypropylene capable of etching at high temperatures. Can be used with Hcl or ferric chloride. Can be made to any size to suit your requirements. We also supply conveyor used equipment. source

PCB Milling test on my homemade desktop CNC Milling Machine

The other day I bought some engraving tools for milling Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). As can be seen, I’ve set up an Auto zeroing system using crocodile clips on the work surface and milling tool. Once the milling tool tip comes into contact with the work piece, this triggers an input.This allows the system to […]

Double Sided PCB CNC Milling

Making a double sided circuit board at home can save you a bundle of money. Mikey describes how to use a inexpensive CNC to make a two sided circuit board. The process is easy to learn as it just requires a CNC, some tape and metal pins. source

Collin’s Lab: PCB Milling

Learn a new way to create printed circuit boards by way of a milling machine. Join Collin as he uses an Othermill to cut the foundation for a simple capacitive synthesizer. Othermill: https://www.adafruit.com/product/2323 —————————————– Visit the Adafruit shop online – http://www.adafruit.com Subscribe to Adafruit on YouTube: http://adafru.it/subscribe Join our weekly Show & Tell on G+ […]