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Medical Device PCB Manufacturer Situated in China Mainland

Here’s how the http://timingpower.com RK3188 Quad-core HDMI Stick Mini PC is being assembled. The first part of the process involves attaching a components to the PCB. The next part of the assembly process involves putting the PCB in the case and attaching the cover. The next part of the manufacturing process involves testing and powering […]

Google Project Ara at Linaro Connect 2015

Smartphone hardware modules Google Project Ara is being shown by Linaro CEO George Grey, as the modifications to Linux on ARM to support Project Ara are being developed and optimized together with Linaro engineers, many of the Google Project Ara engineers meet at the Linaro Connect conference to advance their development for the project. Linaro […]

96Boards RoboMezzi, LoFive, PocketBeagle, PocketBone KiCAD, BeagleWire by Michael Welling of QWERTY

Michael Welling of QWERTY Embedded Design at Linaro Connect 2017, showing off some of his custom PCB Designs including the 96boards mezzanine boards such as the RoboMezzi, RISC-V based LoFive development board (crowdfunding at https://groupgets.com/campaigns/353-lofive-risc-v), PocketBeagle, PocketBone KiCAD, BeagleWire and how he designs them in KiCAD and more. You can read more about his projects […]

A Big Bin Full O’ Development Boards at BrainWagon Labs…

I have a small obsession with acquiring different hardware development boards, and decided to just try to gather them together and just give a brief overview of what hardware I’ve acquired and what I think of them. You can view some links to many of the featured boards on my blog at http://brainwagon.org/2015/03/01/a-big-bin-full-o-development-boards-at-brainwagon-labs/ source Build […]

Thin Electronic Circuit Board House Positioned in China Mainland

Here they’re showing their PCB and Tablet casing designs. They claim to have the worlds thinnest 9.7″ IPS tablet at 8.9mm. Source PCBWING Tech Co., Ltd – Prototype PCB Mfg + Assy According to https://www.pcbwing.com/Aboutus.php PCBWING Tech Co., Ltd is one of the China’s main manufacturer offering electronic circuit board solutions, which is actually a […]

STM32 F042 Miniature Development Board

Welcome to my latest video and accompanying blog article. In this one I’ll present a small development board for the STM32 F042 MCU in the TSSOP20 package which presents an extremely cheap way of creating USB devices – if you can get your head around the truly horrendous ST ‘HAL’ code that is :-; On […]

MediaTek Labs LinkIt One development board demos

MediaTek MT2502 based LinkIt (http://armdevices.net/2014/07/12/mediatek-linkit-aster-mt2502-new-soc-for-entry-level-smartwatches/) $59 ONE development board (http://labs.mediatek.com/oneguide) demos, including a Weather Station IoT demo (http://labs.mediatek.com/site/global/developer_tools/mediatek_linkit/documentation/weather-station/tutorial/) which acquires temerature, humidity and pressure data from sensors and then visualizes the data on the MediaTek Cloud Sandbox. A Bike Tracker demo (http://labs.mediatek.com/site/global/developer_tools/mediatek_linkit/documentation/bicycle-tracking/tutorial/) utilizes GNSS features to acquire the position of a bike in real time. […]

Start a project with FreeRTOS – on EasyMx PRO v7 for STM32 dev board

Learn how to start your first project with FreeRTOS implemented in the mikroC PRO for ARM compiler. Follow the steps and you’ll be a pro before you know it. Download the latest version of the compiler here: https://download.mikroe.com/setups/compilers/mikroc/arm/mikroc-arm-setup-v510.zip Visit this page for more information on the EasyMx PRO v7 dev board: https://shop.mikroe.com/development-boards/full-featured/easy-boards/easymx-pro-stm32 EasyTFT: https://shop.mikroe.com/add-on-boards/display/easytft MCU: […]

kernelci.org upstream kernel validation project

Tyler Baker discusses and demos http://kernelci.org, where development boards all over the world are being booted with the bleeding edge upstream kernel to provide validation results to the kernel community. source Build on the ideal devolopment board If you’re delighted to create and raring to go… hang on a second. There’s one thing you should […]

mikroElektronika products unboxing – Stellaris ARM development boards

Unboxing of some of the new mikroElektronika development boards featuring the Stellaris Cortex M3 ARM processor. In this unboxing video the following boards is shown: – EasyMx PRO V7 for Stellaris ARM – CAN Click board – mikromedia for Stellaris ARM – mikromedia GAMING shield – mikromedia CONNECT shield – mikroC for ARM – VisualTFT […]