Greg Kroah-Hartman shows the Google Project Ara prototype phone and development board, and he talks about Greybus the protocol that they are developing to make it possible for these hardware modules that must be able to talk to each other and to the host module, they can be hot swappable, they have to be able to describe themselves so everything just works smoothly, they work on the knowledge that they have from USB, PCI, Firewire and all the previous protocols that people have implemented, they work on the base level of what UniPro can do, and they go from there. This is just another sub-system of Linux that drivers plug into. Rob Herring is the project tech lead at Linaro for Project Ara, and he talks about how the Linaro guys are working on the Kernel portions, the ARM Applications Processor modules and the Android modifications to support hardware modules hotplug in a Smartphone.


Build on the ideal devolopment board

If you’re thrilled to create and raring to go… hang on a moment. There’s something that you must do for starters – select a development board. Most of the electronics projects created in the maker movement are built on a development board and selecting the correct one could be a daunting task, particularly when you’re fresh to the topic and have no idea of what the board does. Fundamentally, a development board is a printed circuit board or a tiny PC that gets your electronics project up and going.

The’re a great many types of development boards accessible – from microcontroller-based boards to System on Chip (SOC) to single-board computers (SBC) to purpose-built boards with Bluetooth and WiFi.

Don’t fry your minds as of this time, this could be made easier.

KakiDIY creator Johnson Lam claims that the Raspberry Pi and Arduino are the beloved development boards by the manufacturers in Malaysia. There are various versions of these boards – both originally designed as instructional tools – and the prices range. They are offered on the internet and at PC shops.

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