A basic data acquisition project that demonstrates how you can get C# and the EQ Development Board to talk to each other.This tutorial shows how one can use EQ Development Board and the PC virtual COM ports for easy serial communication on C# GUI windows forms
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Build on the very best devolopment board

If you’re thrilled to create and raring to go… wait a moment. There’s something that you have to do for starters – find a development board. Most of the electronics projects created in the maker movement are built on a development board and choosing the right one could be a complicated task, particularly when you’re unfamiliar with the topic and don’t know what the board does. Fundamentally, a development board is a PC board or a small computer that gets your electronics project up and going.

You’ll find so many kinds of development boards readily available – from microcontroller-based boards to System on Chip (SOC) to single-board computers (SBC) to purpose-built boards with Bluetooth and WiFi.

Don’t fry your thoughs just yet, this could be made simple.

KakiDIY creator Johnson Lam claims that the Raspberry Pi and Arduino are the desired development boards by the makers in Malaysia. There are lots of variations of these boards – both originally designed as educational tools – and the prices vary. They are sold on the net and at computer retailers.

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