All pins are lead out from sim908, so that you can further embedded it or design on it tested audio phone call, GPS data flow.
Very compact size 5*5 CM, one switch for GPS or GSM data output, CP2102 UART communication and mini USB 2A Power Supply.
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Build on the ideal devolopment board

If you’re enthusiastic to create and raring to go… hold out a second. There is something that you have to do firstly – choose a development board. The majority of the electronics projects created in the maker movement are built on a development board and choosing the right one could be a overwhelming task, particularly if you’re having their first go the subject and don’t know what the board does. Quite simply, a development board is a electronic circuit board or a small computer that gets your electronics project up and going.

You’ll find so many sorts of development boards out there – from microcontroller-based boards to System on Chip (SOC) to single-board computers (SBC) to purpose-built boards with Bluetooth and WiFi.

Don’t fry your thoughs as of this time, this could be simple.

KakiDIY creator Johnson Lam says that the Raspberry Pi and Arduino are the sought after development boards by the manufacturers in Malaysia. There are various variants of these boards – both of them at first designed as teaching tools – and the selling prices are different. They are offered on the net and at computer outlets.

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