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PCB etching machine

DIY PCB Milling Machine – Part 1 – Building Frame

A maker space is never complete without any fast method to prototype a Electronics project. And the longest process in it is to make the PCBs. Till now I have been using the Toner transfer method and Ferric Chloride. You can watch a video I made here. Etching method involves many steps. The printing, transfer, […]

Laser Marking – Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Fabrication

LaserStar Technologies ( ) – this laser marking video shows the fabrication of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). LaserStar’s 20 Watt fiber laser marking system was used for this laser marking application. Visit our website at Connect with us on Facebook!!!/pages/LaserStar-Technologies-Corporation/123578514367275 source

My new FeCl3 pcb etching machine prototype

FeCl3 pcb etching machine prototype based on a Lyman Turbo Tumbler I had lying around in the shop (demonstration with water). Normally the Lyman Turbo Tumbler is used to polish things based on a construction with an unbalanced motor which has a bowl on top filled with abrasive material and the thing to polish. But […]

Bungard – DL500

The DL 500 is a double sided conveyorised spray etching machine with integrated rinsing zone. This machine is easy to maintain and fits perfectly to a modern PCB laboratory. The maximum capacity within one hour is 10 m². Designed for being used for laboratory purposes, there are lots of different applications (e.g. spray developing of […]

Senke cnc co2 laser machine etching/engraving PCB Circuit Board

Email: [email protected] Skype: senkecncrouter Whatsapp: +86-18560019525 Welcome to visit our factory! Please contact me,I will give you more machine details. source

High Temperature Etching Machine

Compact etching machine with integral rinse. Constructed from polypropylene capable of etching at high temperatures. Can be used with Hcl or ferric chloride. Can be made to any size to suit your requirements. We also supply conveyor used equipment. source