We Have Become Heads in Electronic Circuit Board Manufacture

We are already the main topic on the printed circuit board industry of China since 2001. Whilst a lot of the processes and machines used to fabricate PCBs are similar across shops, what makes our manufacturing be prominent?


Primarily, our company has one of the most serious teams in the field.

Combining the years of experience with the hope to present our buyers with the highest quality experience and product possible, yields a robust combination. Partner with us, you will never see automatons doing the job with their heads dropped other than the occasional glance up to take a look at clock on the wall. The things you will find out and absolutely hear is a active team environment, in which people care amorously about how they work.

Second is the degree of expertise and customer focus of our always helpful front-end staff members.

From Customer Services thru CAM, our focus is on guaranteeing you end up with the product you want, from the most straightforward zero layer to 9 layer multilayer designs. Therefore please do not be impressed if one of our team members follows up with a query or an idea that betters the manufacturability of your circuit card, helps you save bucks or makes your design better.

Third, we’re trying to achieve a Lean-Manufacturing travel to re-examine every bit of our processes and procedures to get the most from our business.

In times past, circuit card makers are yet to implemented Lean-Manufacturing precisely as it battles with classic cultures of over-production. Even so, we recognize excess raw and finished goods inventories try and hide process and equipment issues. Furthermore we see the goal is not to find tactics to make us work a lot harder, but to aid us do the job more intelligently.

Another benefit of a staff that concerns, and lead-time efficiencies possible with Lean-Manufacturing, is the added capacity to help our clients with their fast turn demands. If you require your circuit cards in a big hurry, offer your design files and we are able to show you our perfect turnaround period.

Please phone us or Mail Your Data File and we are going to do our best to help.