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Laseraxe DIY Mini 3 Axis USB Desktop CNC Router Wood PCB Milling Carving Engraving Machine

Do you always dream of having a CNC router not that large as the industrial type but just one can placed on the normal desktop to do the some little creative carvings. While you can own the one you want at here. it is built up with high quality bakelite and aluminum, equipped with T8 […]

Explore M3 Introduction

Introducing our new development board which we have been working for quite some time. Explore M3 is powerful cortex dev board, which helps you quickly prototype with arduino and take your project/product beyond with bare metal programming, RTOS Support and low power modes. To learn more visit. Campaign sign up on Crowdsupply: Project […]

EleksMaker EleksMill CNC Micro Engraving Machine Without Laser Module

Pproduct link: Industrial & Scientific: Flash deals: Description: Main purpose: wooden plaque engraving, laser engraving, PCB sculpture, acrylic sculpture,Equipped with constant-current driver board ensure stable output optical power,low heat no external driver board needed,easy to use. source

LPKF ProtoLaser U3 | Versatile PCB Laser Etching The ProtoLaser U3 shows how quickly applications can be processed. A UV laser beam can depanel individual PCBs from large circuit boards stress-free, cut LTCC and prepregs, drill holes and microvias, and structure FR4 substrates. The high pulse energy of the UV laser eliminates residue from the ablation process, resulting in geometrically precise contours. […]

Slot Machine on a ARM7 Microcontroller (NXP 2378) development board

Demo of my Slot Machine project on a ARM7 (NXP 2378) development board with a 320 x 240 LCD screen (for my ECP III class – Summer 2011.) source Build on the very best devolopment board If you’re fired up to create and raring to go… wait a second. There is one thing you must […]

PCB laser engraving machine – PCB fibra láser grabador

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Microchip PIC18F452 Development Board / Shield

This is the PIC18F452 Shield. The goal of this project is to build a development board for any of the PIC 18F 40 pin series so that it can be powered up, programmed and used while also connected to a bread board or used as a shield. Since the board connected to a breadboard the […]

PCB prototyping with Cirqoid machine

This is a demonstration video of PCB prototyping with Cirqoid machine. The video covers entire cycle of PCB production – including milling and drilling the board, dispensing solder paste and populating the board with the components. The machine and design files of the board shown in video are available at source