Hacking on Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 and Snapdragon 805 based Inforce Computing single-board-computers, Inforce 6410 and Inforce 6540, in this video, the Qualcomm Linaro Landing Team and Qualcomm Linaro engineers talk about the status of Ubuntu Linux release on Snapdragon 600 processor based development boards. Rob Clark, Freedreno project owner, talks about the status of open source graphics drivers for Qualcomm Adreno processor. The Linaro Linux release uses Freedreno graphics driver for HW acceleration. Other landing team engineers talk about various other plugins and drivers such Gstreamer plugin developed for the Linux release to enable to support for HW accelerated HTML5 video. There has been a lot of progress made on up streaming drivers for Snapdragon processors. For latest Linaro Linux release, visit: http://releases.linaro.org/latest/ubuntu/snapdragon For information on development boards based on Snapdragon processor, visit http://mydragonboard.org/. For Inforce Computing’s single-board-computers based on Snapdragon processors, visit http://inforcecomputing.com/products/inforce_products.html


Build on the most effective devolopment board

If you’re excited to create and raring to go… hold out a minute. There’s one thing that you have to do for starters – select a development board. A number of the electronics projects created in the maker movement are built on a development board and deciding on the right one could be a challenging task, in particular when you’re a new comer to the subject and have no clue what the board does. Essentially, a development board is a circuit card or a tiny PC that gets your electronics project up and going.

There are various kinds of development boards for sale – from microcontroller-based boards to System on Chip (SOC) to single-board computers (SBC) to purpose-built boards with Bluetooth and WiFi.

Don’t fry your minds just yet, this could be made easier.

KakiDIY founder Johnson Lam states that the Raspberry Pi and Arduino are the favored development boards by the producers in Malaysia. There’s a lot of variants of these boards – both originally designed as teaching tools – and the selling prices fluctuate. They are offered for sale on the net and at PC outlets.

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