4WD Robot DIY Project with parts from GEARBEST

Used Parts: 2013 Version Arduino UNO R3 ATmega328P Development Module 2013 Version with Free USB Cable Product link http://www.gearbest.com/development-boards/pp_62975.html Arduino Compatible DIY Motor Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit 4 WD Product link http://www.gearbest.com/development-boards/pp_157852.html KEYES DHT11 Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor Module for Arduino Product link http://www.gearbest.com/sensors/pp_218522.html source Build on the most effective devolopment board If you’re […]


For Learning Embedded systems from low level to high. source Build on the most effective devolopment board If you’re happy to create and raring to go… hold out a minute. There’s one thing you need to do first – look for a development board. Lots of the electronics projects created in the maker movement are […]

Arduino development board

This board is excellent for hobby projects, programming practice, students and for professional use. It is specially designed to be used for mobile robots but it can also be used for whatever project you have. It consists of motor controller, sound sensor with adjustable amplifier, LM35 precision temperature sensor, buzzer, jack for external supply, connector […]

LPCXpresso: Jumpstarting your NXP MCU project development!

In this training session, NXP’s Andy Beeson shows you how to develop real applications on NXP LPC microcontrollers using the LPCXpresso development platform for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Andy also showcases advanced features such as trace and profiling, as well as multi-core project creation and debugging using the latest LPCXpresso43xx board. You’ll see […]

Deo Nano FPGA Development Board meets the Olimex EMG/EKG Shield (Gareth aka Chiprobot)

This Project uses the Deo Nano FPGA Development Board and the Olimex EKG/EMG Shield to measure my Heart activity. Project Details Here :- http://myrobotlab.org/content/deonano-fpga-meets-gareths-kardio-rhythm Deo Nano :- http://canada.newark.com/terasic-technologies/p0082/cyclone-iv-ep4ce22f17c6n-fpga/dp/78T4479 Olimex EKG/EMG :- http://canada.newark.com/olimex/shield-ekg-emg/add-on-brd-ekg-func-avr-pic-arm/dp/27W5328?MER=PPSO_N_C_EverywhereElse_None Wiki Qoute :- “Electrocardiography (ECG or EKG[1] from Greek: kardia, meaning heart) is the recording of the electrical activity of the heart. Traditionally […]

Top 5 Single-Board Computers

A lot of power in a credit card sized computer. Inspired by Raspberry Pi. Created by Apple engineers Kits, Modules and more: http://amzn.to/1Jb62aB Links: CHIP – getchip.com LattePanda – lattepanda.com PINE A64 – pine64.com UDOO – udoo.org Black Swift – black-swift.com If you have any questions, please, write us: tech.hd.channel@gmail.com source Build on the ideal […]

Gravity Development Board Beta Version

With limited funds and expertise, prototyping a new technology can be a cumbersome and unnecessarily expensive process, especially for undergrad students, hobbyists, and small technology firms. This board is the first of a three part series of multifunctional project development boards that will allow for quicker and thus cheaper prototyping. Our proprietary software will control […]

Pi Arduino IoT Developer Super Station

See below for parts and links or… See full Blog Post: http://techgirlspalace.com/projects/iot-dev-board.html —————————————————- This project unites the Pi and Arduino boards into a handy project development station. The idea behind this board is to develop projects designed to run IoT automated devices. The reason we use both boards is that together they make a powerful […]

GEN211 Office of the Royal Development Project Board

Gen211 Aim&friends group source Build on the right devolopment board If you’re happy to create and raring to go… wait a minute. There’s something you should do to begin with – opt for a development board. Most of the electronics projects created in the maker movement are built on a development board and selecting the […]

Opération de dessoudage d’une pièce électronique

Présentation des divers méthodes et options possibles pour retirer une pièce déjà soudée du circuit imprimé durant la première semaine du cours INF1995 à http://www.groupes.polymtl.ca/inf1995. source 2017 Most up-to-date Electronic Board Business Facts Electronic Board industry is amongst the fastest expanding market sectors in the earth since the majority of of the contemporary electronic products […]