Atmega 8 dev board – starklabz

So we thought we will show you what our board is basically. And we have tried to describe most of things in our board. We will come up with more videos on how to use our board for different projects soon. Till then stay in touch source Build on the very best devolopment […]

Setting up a Usable Development Environment for a DTL-H2000 Equipped PC

This video is essentially a second part to the DTL-H2000 Installation and Setup video I made about a week ago that focuses mostly on hardware. This however focuses on the software side of things for setting up a DTL-H2000 equipped PC into a usable development system if you want to develop some PlayStation homebrew with […]

Pic Expert Osciloscopio – PIC18F4550 Development board as Oscilloscope

Pic Expert Osciloscopio by Smart Radio, codigo fonte completo p/ compilador CCS em nosso site: – PIC18F4550 Advanced Development board as Oscilloscope with CCS compiler versão HD deste vídeo: source Build on the most suitable devolopment board If you’re delighted to create and raring to go… hold out a moment. There’s something you […]

Interfacing Pinguino & Pure Data

This project is an interface to control a Pinguino development board, the Pinguino PIC32 OTG with Pure Data. It is similar to the protocol Firmata used to communicate with Arduino, as it is based on the MIDI message format. This method of communication makes possible to control all the resources available in the Pinguino board […]

LED Frequency Display Demonstration

This is the side project I’ve been playing around with in my free time lately. It uses the LM4F120XL microcontroller on a Stellaris Launchpad development board and a very basic hardware conditioning circuit to display the frequency response in real time of an input signal. It uses a 2048 point real fast fourier transform to […]

Primeiro projeto no EasyPic6 / First project under EasyPic6

Português: Esse é o meu primeiro projeto baseado no uC PIC18F4550 e utilizando a plataforma de desenvolvimento EasyPIC6, da MikroElektronika ( O compilador utilizado foi o MikroC, do mesmo fabricante. English: This is my first project based on the Microchip PIC18F4550 MCU under the EasyPic6 development board by MikroElektronika ( The compiler used on this […]

Best Arduino Board In India – Best Price Of Arduino Board

“ Top 10 Arduino Board in India | Best Price of Arduino Board 2017 in India Buy original arduino uno in india. Buy original arduino uno in india forum. Arduino board @ amazon up to 50% off on electronics. The arduino uno r3 is a open source microcontroller board based on the atmega328 chip. Arduino […]

LIVESTREAM! ► Project Reality: ArmA 3 (Development & Testing)

My new channel: Join our community ► Stream Donations ► ★ Follow Me (Personal Pages) ★ Bluedrake42 on Facebook ► Bluedrake42 on Twitter ► My Band Johari ► My Music Channel ► ★ =DRK= Community Pages ★ =DRK= Forums ► =DRK= Discord ► =DRK= Servers ► […]

Introducing the Arduino MKRFOX1200

The MKR FOX 1200 is a powerful board that combines the functionality of the Zero and Sigfox connectivity. It is the ideal solution for Makers looking to design IoT projects with minimal previous experience in networking. Now available on the Arduino European store: source Build on the very best devolopment board If you’re excited […]

Arduino Tutorial: Learn how to play sound with Arduino by building a DIY Micro Piano. Easy Project

In this video we are going to learn how to make sound with Arduino. We are going to build a simple Micro Piano in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the tone function. Let’s start! Playing back sound is great for adding audio feedback to our projects. So far we were using displays or LEDs […]