A Big Bin Full O’ Development Boards at BrainWagon Labs…

I have a small obsession with acquiring different hardware development boards, and decided to just try to gather them together and just give a brief overview of what hardware I’ve acquired and what I think of them. You can view some links to many of the featured boards on my blog at http://brainwagon.org/2015/03/01/a-big-bin-full-o-development-boards-at-brainwagon-labs/ source Build […]

Wellcore BTLE Beacon and SSD Producer In China Shenzhen

Wellcore BTLE Beacon and SSD Producer In China Shenzhen Began in 2006, Wellcore is a high-tech BTLE beacon and Solid State Drive producer which has the capability of R&D and manufactory positioned in Shenzhen China. Centering on the enterprise, industrial, aerospace and defense market segments, provide industrial embedded storage devices and relevant engineering services. Covering […]

Led cube 5x5x5 (Arduino project)

The main link for the PCB Making: http://easyeda.com In this tutorial I will show you how to build a simpler version of a 5x5x5 LED Cube. I’m providing a full step-by-step guidance to show you how to make your own LED Cube, and I explaining in details both hardware and software parts in order to […]

CCTV Camera Poles Price

Buy Here: http://camerapoles.org CCTV Camera Poles Price In this short video I am going to talk about the pole manufacturers. The pole manufacturers do not disclose their prices in the internet. However in our site we do. The reason is they only sell through distributors and they set the prices. Because there are thousands of […]

CCTV Camera Suppliers – UK CCTV Distributor -CCTV Wholesale

Finding – CCTV Camera Suppliers | www.liverpoolcctvinstaller.co.uk | If You in Need of a Quality CCTV Wholesale UK Distributor. Call John Wadman at ADATA 02392 488300 If You are looking for a good quality a CCTV suppliers then look no further. ADATA are the leading brand. When it comes to CCTV Products. Their products range […]

China Top Reliable IP Camera AHD Camera Factory/Manufacturer-MVTEAM Techonology

China Top Reliable IP Camera AHD Camera Factory/Manufacturer- MVTEAM Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of CCTV Surveillance Equipments in Shenzhen China with more than 10 years of solid experience on worldwide market. We provide a comprehensive range of CCTV products to serve your needs on CCTV Security applications. 1- Over 10 years […]


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MumbaiPav.com – Manufacturing of Camera Lenses

Raw Materials Coating, Barrel, Housing for the camera lens, Lens mounts The Manufacturing Process Grinding and polishing lens elements 1 Optical glass is supplied to lens manufacturers by specialized vendors. Usually, it is provided as a “pressed plate” or sliced glass plate from which the elements are cut. The glass elements are shaped to concave […]

HDPRO CO.,LTD / Professional CCTV manufacturer in South Korea

[ HDPRO CO.,LTD ] Professional CCTV manufacturer in South Korea Ryan Lee Sales Manager Overseas Sales & Marketing Dept. Tel: +82 32 683 7903 (Ext # : 512) Fax: +82 32 683 7906 Mobile: + 82 10 9027 5606 EMAIL : sales9@hdprocctv.com MSN: ryanistar@hotmail.com Skype: ryanistar HP: www.hdprocctv.com source

Hikestar CCTV Camera Production Process Video

Production and test procedure of our CCTV cameras: IR cut test over 10,000 times switch; Assemble; Vibration test for 30 minutes of assembled cameras; Waterproof test – soak the complete cameras in water; Drying; Plug-in power and Aging for over night; Packing Hikestar’s CCTV cameras: every piece is a fine art work. source